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AIlon is an artificial intelligence that creates and analyzes specific interest profiles based on consumer digital footprints.

With AIlon, we have developed a multi-award-winning product with which we have won the title of Start Up of the Year and are supported by the German Ministry of Economics and the European Union. AIlon analyses the relationship between interests and the interests of consumers of your products. With the help of AIlon, we are able to analyze your customer and target group as well as that of the competition in previously unknown granularity and, for example, to show where you lose potential within your target group. With AIlon, we also form the basis for so-called psychological targeting, i.e. the adaptation of customer addresses to the personality. This alone will enable us to increase your sales by 30%.


For more information about AIlon visit our dedicated AIlon website.

We are a development studio for artificial intelligence, consisting of several academic research projects, which deals with all questions and innovations related to the use of artificial intelligence in the economy. We develop demand-driven products. Our customers include large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Please contact us if you are interested in using artificial intelligence – the possibilities are unlimited.

Whether it’s your marketing, product portfolio, sales or corporate identity, we can answer any questions you may have about these issues. We can tell you exactly how a target audience ticks, how your clientele diverts from your audience, where you lose potential, or how you need to target your audience to maximize your advertising efficiency. AIlon provides causalities instead of correlations, objectivity rather than instinct, unknown depth of detail instead of simplification.

On average, we are at least 90% cheaper than traditional market research.

We collect completely anonymized digital footprints from consumers. This results in an interest structure. Currently, there are currently, on average, around 75 interests for each profile, in extreme cases up to more than 2000. These interests can be anything from salsa dancing to philosophy, to start-ups or your product. There are no limits to the universe of interests. We strongly enrich any interest with information and can therefore define any interest in AIlon as a target variable and use all other interests as a data base. AIlon finds out which interests or sociodemographic factors are causal to being part of your target audience, for example. In short, the results show which interests are overrepresented within your target audience compared to the population.



Who is your client?

ailon PersonaAIlon shows you how your target audience differs from your previous customer base and where you lose revenue potential accordingly. AIlon presents these potentials on the basis of different dimensions. You may be familiar with them (such as the gender ratio or age distribution) or completely unknown (such as the personality of your target audience). Within these dimensions, AIlon creates personas. Classically, one for your audience and one for your customers. With each dimension, AIlon shows how well your customer persona fits your audience persona and gives a score. With the help of the scores, you can understand exactly in which areas you are losing how much potential.


Competitor analysis


If a competitor wins more customers than you, there’s a reason. But this is often difficult to identify and often not quantified without a sufficient data base. This is precisely the problem that AIlon solves by being able to analyse not only your customers, but also that of your competitors and shows in which areas your competitor is simply acting differently and thereby gaining market share.

Analyze inefficiencies, better today than too late.



Microtargeting is, in short, a “targeted customer approach.” Use AIlon microtargeting to share your scattering losses. AIlon can tell you exactly where to place your ads and how to minimize your scattering losses. You determine the marketing channel, be it influencer marketing, print advertising, banner advertising, Spotify marketing or sports endorsement. AIlon knows where your advertising needs to be placed so you can only spend money communicating with people who have a certain minimum probability of purchase. AIlon will provide you with tops and flops regarding your audience in the following categories:

  • Social Media Targeting-A set of interests you can use via social media to minimize your scattering loss
  • Sports Endorsement-Which athletes you would need to sponsor
  • Brands-Which brands are suitable for collaborations
  • Literature-Which newspapers/magazines/books your target audience reads. The optimal basis for print marketing
  • Television-Which series/movies does your target audience watch on TV
  • Shopping & Retail-Which retailers are interesting for your target group
  • Websites-Which websites you need to display banners on in order to reach your target audience in the best possible way
  • Influencers/blogs-Where your influencer marketing is most attractive
  • Music Marketing-What music your target audience listens to and how you listen to it via, for example. Can reach Spotify Marketing




Psychological Targeting
AIlon Personality
Independent research has shown that advertising measures adapted to the consumer’s personality generate 50% increased sales and 30% higher click rates.
Logical: If I am a very extroverted person, advertising with content for introverts simply does not appeal to me. We are talking about psychological targeting. AIlon can calculate the personality of consumers extremely valid-according to the current state of research, as valid as no one else. Talk to us and get to know your target group in person.


AIlon is more holistic.

AIlon examines interests from all aspects of life for a causality of belonging to the target group in contrast to a survey-based approach which answers individual questions. This leads to much more valid and holistic results.

AIlon is more representative.

Other forms of market research use extremely error-prone samples to represent the population or a target audience. We work with a complete cross-section of society: The Big Data approach involves millions of interest-structures from all social, geographic and demographic strata.

AIlon is more precise.

We use neural networks (so-called deep learning). AIlon sees interests not as statistically independent, but in networks. That means AIlon always considers interests in the overall context and not on their own. This provides statistically much better results and delivers causality rather than correlations.


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